Nato and US want China to pay for propping up Russia's Ukraine war

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's chief Jens Stoltenberg Monday called for China to face consequences if it keeps up support to Russia, accusing Beijing of worsening the conflict in


through its major export push to rebuild


's defence industry.
Prez Xi Jinping

"has tried to create the impression that he is taking a back seat in this conflict, to avoid sanctions and keep trade flowing", he said.

"But the reality is that China is fuelling the largest armed conflict in Europe since WWII, and at the same time, it wants to maintain good ties with West," Stoltenberg said. "Beijing cannot have it both ways. At some point - and unless China changes course - allies need to impose a cost. There should be consequences," he added.
On Tuesday, US secretary of state

Antony Blinken

joined Stoltenberg in criticising Beijing. "China's support for Russia's defence industrial base is prolonging Ukraine war and has to stop," he said in a press conference with the Nato boss. China is providing critical support that enables Russia "to keep the war machine going.
In response, Beijing said Nato "should engage in self-reflection rather than arbitrary smears and attacks on China". "We advise (Nato) to stop shifting blame and sowing discord, not add fuel to the fire and instigate confrontation, but rather do something practical for political settlement," foreign ministry spokesman Lin Jian said.

China and Russia's strategic partnership has only grown closer since the invasion of Ukraine, but Beijing has rebuffed Western claims that it is aiding Moscow's war effort. And G7 foreign ministers on Friday expressed "strong concern" about transfers of dual use materials and weapons components from Chinese businesses to Russia being used by Moscow for its military expansion.

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